Speak up!

Surprising mixture of hip-hop, modern dance and musical theater.

After their successful realization of their performance 'True Colors' last year choreographer Alida Dors and music-theatre Silbersee work together again for 'Speak up!'. In this piece moral values are questioned. Dors merges different dance styles into one and tells her story. Four people in the prime of their lives are unexpectedly called to account. Imposing voices recall their memories from the past and confront the four with their actions. Will they repent?

choreography: Alida Dors, musical guidance: Romain Bischoff, music: Jacob ter Veldhuis and DJ Lovesupreme, dramaturgy: Peggy Olislaegers, Wout van Tongeren and Maarten van Hinte, photo: plainpicture-Wolfgang Ludwig, www.backboneconnects.nl

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