Behind one of today’s major social conflicts, a small human story is hidden; about love, jealousy, regret, and father who drives a wedge between his two sons.

Why Salam?
All major stories develop from a small story. And practically all global conflicts start with disappointment or pain. Now that tensions between the western and Arabic world dominate the news, the Noord Nederlands Toneel, Club Guy & Roni, and Asko|Schönberg’s K[h]AOS would like to take theatre goers back to where it possibly all started: the story of Abraham (played by Jack Wouterse).

How do we bridge the gap between people who talk about instead of to each other? That question was director Guy Weizman’s starting point for Salam. Those who are familiar with Weizman’s work know that Salam will not be a historical, Biblical drama, but rather a modern, humorous, and energetic performance inspired by Tarantino’s From Dusk Till Dawn.

'The result is a terrific, unique, loud show that occasionally spins out of control and is thoroughly original, containing familiar Biblical characters that have been brought to life in a refreshing way.'- de Volkskrant ****

'His [Guy Weizman] theatre productions exhibit joy and passion, are a feast for the eyes and ears and moreover demonstrate that race, gender, religious conviction or nationality do not matter to him.' - Theaterkrant ***

Today’s theatre in today's language
Guy Weizman makes new theatre in today's language: no separation of disciplines, but an organic integration of dance, theatre and music. In Caroussel the disciplines were intertwined – with dancing actors and acting dancers – in Salam they're served to the public in a triple lateral flow, like a perfect latte macchiato.

Alongside the textual script lies a visual, more intuitive script, represented by dance. The third layer consists of music, composed and performed by K[h]AOS, a young ensemble of Asko-Schönberg. Just like the dancers and actors, the musicians are part of the scenography; an interdisciplinary approach that leads to an overwhelming theatrical experience.


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