Nanine Linning is one of the best Dutch choreographers and also a big name internationally. For her spectacular and highly visual work she often works together with well-known artists or (fashion) designers. This time it is multi-talent Bart Hess. Nanine Linning is fascinated by Plato's idea of a khôra: an infinite space with limitless possibilities and the origin from which everything started. Together with Hess she creates such a space on the stage in a spectacular setting with video projections and edible costumes. All senses are stimulated in this sensual choreography, a celebration of life in which the dancers hanging upside down hand out champagne to the audience.

€ 32 (excl. drinks)
Prior to the performance there is a dinner in Zindering inspired by Linnings 'KHÔRA' with the elements air, water, fire and earth. Chef Remco Vellinga previously worked together with Nanine Linning. In 2007 they organized a special Cry Love dinner on the stage of Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.

KHÔRA Champagne Meet & Greet
At € 3 you can also drink a glass of champagne with the makers of this performance on the stage afterwards.

Do you dare to surrender to this total experience?

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