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Psychological opera thriller

A chilling production that leaves the audience bewildered’, said Dutch leading newspaper NRC about Médée by OPERA2DAY. As its successor the company now brings Hamlet, the 'grand opéra' by Ambroise Thomas based on Shakespeare’s masterpiece. For generations of opera buffs it was a milestone in opera repertoire. Not so strange, as Hamlet is a dream role for every baritone and Ophélie was given one of the best insanity scenes ever. OPERA2DAY presents a compact version in which we penetrate Hamlets shadowland using a mix of opera and film.

The opera by Ambroise Thomas (1811-1896) comes up to every expectation of what a Hamlet performance has to offer. We see King Claudius’s degenerated court in all its pomp and circumstance, an intense inner struggle of the hero, a mysteriously accompanied appearance of his father, and there is exceptionally moving music for the insane Ophélie. The librettists, who earlier provided texts for Gounod’s Faust, brought the play back to its very core. The masterly music is a revelation to both opera and Shakespeare enthusiasts. Read more

• surtitles in English and Dutch
• tickets: 030 23 020 23

composition and libretto: Ambroise Thomas, direction: Serge van Veggel, conductor: Hernán Schvartzman, with: Quirijn de Lang, Lucie Chartin and others, photo: Henk Bleeker, www.opera2day.nl

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