FF+Rew 60:00 (REVISITED)

A seminal piece in a body of work casts a large shadow and heralds things to come. FF+Rew 60:00 made in 2005 is such a piece for Ann Van den Broek. In this creation the women gradually realize what has happened to them, slowly but surely they become aware of the emotional and physical impact. The shock in FF+Rew 60:00 Revisited is more universal; now there are women and men 
on stage. And Van den Broek also examines how some of the ingredients she has used in her work these last few years – cameras and live projections – affect the old material. So FF+Rew 60:00 Revisited is not a reprise. .

concept and choreography: Ann Van den Broek, music: Arne Van Dongen, photo: Quirine Reijman, www.wardward.be

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