The ensemble of bandoneonist Carel Kraayenhof has existed for thirty years now, so it’s time for a festive jubilee programme. The group has specialized itself in Argentinean tango repertoire and light classical music but tonight their programme also includes other music genres and film scores. From Broadway to Havana and from Moscow to Beijing, after thirty years of making music you’re bound to have a suitcase full of stories.

with: Carel Kraayenhof, Juan Pablo Dobal, Bert Vos, Iefke Wang, Jaap Branderhorst and Jan Willem Troost, photo: Casper Rila, www.carelkraayenhof.nl

Milonga - Tangosalon
After the performance Tango Touch organizes a tango salon in the Hekmanfoyer. Access € 5.

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