Dancing on the Edge 2019

Hoe ontdekken we nieuw terrein?

Dancing on the Edge Festival drukt op de reset-knop! In plaats van alleen voorstellingen presenteren zij in 2019 de Dancing on the Edge Community: een groep van makers, dansers, curators, denkers en theaterprofessionals van over de hele wereld, die samenkomen in Nederland van 13 t/m 24 november. Centraal staan de artistieke praktijken uit het Midden-Oosten en Noord-Afrika. Met voorstellingen, tafelgesprekken, een lab, workshops, eten & drinken, muziek, films en storytelling.

landelijke opening in Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
De landelijke opening van Dancing on the Edge Festival is op 13 november bij ons in Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, daarna reist het festival door Nederland. Word onderdeel van de DOTE Community!


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    How can we shift perspectives… as a festival, as an artist, as a spectator? Where do we meet?

    For 12 years, Dancing on the Edge has been presenting the best of performing arts from the Middle East, North Africa and the diaspora in The Netherlands. Every festival artists, curators, thinkers, theater professionals and audiences from different parts of the world bring together an abundance of stories and perspectives in one place. Only a small part of that richness is communicated through the performances.

    That is why this year Dancing on the Edge is pressing the reset button. To offer a better opportunity to meet and interact on a deeper level, we are deconstructing the festival format. Without set frames, but with the soft radicality of open questions.

    Dancing on the Edge (DOTE) is a festival that moves between different borders, bodies, histories and (pre)conceptions. In its working processes and programming, it attempts to challenge singular narratives and identities in representation as well as dominant power structures and (post)colonial relations. Between 13 and 24 November, we would like to invite you all -makers, spectators and partners- to embark with us on a personal and collective journey through the different programs, to unpack themes and urgencies, and to undergo the potentials of the encounter that the festival can provide.

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