FAQ - corona measures

welcome back
After a long lockdown, our theatre has opened it's doors again, but we sell tickets still respecting a distance of one and a half meters. Have look at our performances!

Safety comes first
For your health and safety as well as those of our employees and artists we have taken extra hygiene measures, and ask you to respect the one and a half meter rule. Where that is not possible, we ask you to put on a mouth mask. We ask you to stay at home when:
• you have symptoms of a cold and/or fever.
• a member of your household has symptoms of a cold and/or fever.

What measures have been taken to ensure my health and safety?
• We have placed columns to disinfect your hands.
• The building is systematically cleaned on a regular basis and has a good ventilation system.

What should I take into account when buying a ticket?
• Until July 18, all performances will be sold unplaced. Just before the start of the performance you will be assigned a seat.
• The performances for the new season will be sold in place, but still at a distance of one and a half meters.
• The group size for theater visits consists of a maximum of four people
• We assume that if you buy multiple tickets you belong to the same household. If this is not the case, buy the tickets one by one or let everyone buy a ticket for themselves.
• If you have corona(-like) complaints, you can cancel your visit to the theater up to one hour before the start of the performance. Your tickets will be replaced by a voucher.

Do I have to wear a mouth mask?
• Where it is not possible to respect the one and a half meter rule, we ask you to wear a mouth mask

Can I leave my coat or bag with the wardrobe?
• The wardrobe is closed until 18 July. You can take your coat into the auditorium and place it on the seat next to you.

Is it possible to have a drink before the show?
• Our bars and restaurant are open before and after the performance.

Can I choose my own seat?
• You cannot choose your seat. Follow the directions of our employees.

Can I dine in advance in theaterrestaurant Zindering?
• You are most welcome from 5 p.m. Book your table.



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