FAQ - corona measures

All performances cancelled until November 11th
Update on the press conference of 13 October

As of 14 October new measures from the government and the RIVM have been in effect. Before this announcement Stadsschouwburg Utrecht got dispensation for a larger number of visitors. Now this maximum number has been reduced to 30.  

In a building without catering Stadsschouwburg Utrecht cannot possibly offer such a small audience the experience of an ‘evening out’. In addition we take our responsibility and contribute to limiting travelling. Henceforth we are forced to cancel all performances until November 11th. In case your performance has been cancelled we will contact you shortly. We hope to see you again soon!

Corona measures during your visit to Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
We are pleased to see you back in our theatre. For your health and safety as well as those of our employees and artists we have taken extra hygiene measures. We ask you to respect the rule of 1,5 meters distance. Your reception may be different from what you are used to and takes a little longer. Please be on time. We will do everything to ensure a pleasant and beautiful theatre experience.

I want to go to Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, can I?
Yes, you are most welcome. However, we ask you to stay at home if:
• you have symptoms of a cold and/or fever.
• a member of your household has symptoms of a cold and/or fever.

If you have any Corona (-like) complaints cancel your visit to the theatre. This is possible up to an hour before the start of the performance. Your tickets will be replaced by a voucher.

What measures have been taken to ensure my health and safety?
• Upon entry a routine check takes place (based on a number of questions).
• We have placed sanitary columns to disinfect your hands.
• The building is systematically cleaned on a regular basis and has a good ventilation system.

What should I take into account when buying a ticket?
• We sell unplaced tickets. Just before the start of the performance you will be assigned a seat.
• There is a maximum of 4 tickets per person, if you need more, call 030-2324125 (between 12.00 -19.00h)
• We assume that if you buy multiple tickets, you belong to the same household. If this is not the case, you buy the tickets one by one or let each person buy their own ticket.
• Should anything change in the composition of your company, please inform timely kassa.

• Unlike our usual procedure you also have to make a reservation, both for restaurant Zindering and Mevr. Dudok, online or call 030-2324125 (between 12.00 -19.00h) 

Can I leave my coat or bag with the wardrobe?
No, the wardrobe is closed. Take your coat into the auditorium and place it on the seat next to you. Any bags larger than an A4 size are not allowed.

Can I use the toilet?
Yes, you can always use the toilet except during the performance (only in urgent cases). Therefore we kindly ask you to use the toilet before the start of the performance.

I want to have a drink before the performance, can I?
Yes, this is possible. However, do not stay in the foyer any longer than necessary and take your drink into the auditorium.

Can I choose a seat in the auditorium?
No, you cannot choose a seat. Please follow the instructions of our employees.

How do I leave the auditorium when the performance is over?
When leaving the auditorium please follow the instructions of our employees. If you do not wish to make use of our catering do not extend your stay in the foyers.

Can I have dinner in restaurant Zindering before the performance?
Yes, our kitchen brigade is ready for you. However, it is mandatory to make a reservation in advance. By telephone via 030-2324125 (from 12.00 till 19.00 hrs) or online. The restaurant is open till 22.00 hrs.

Can I have a drink or a snack after the performance?
Yes, you can have a drink and and/or a snack in Zindering, Mevr. Dudok or in the Zocherfoyer till 22.00 hrs. Our staff will seat you at a table and will ask for your personal data (in connection with possible contact research). 



Update coronamaatregelen

Als gevolg van de aangescherpte coronamaatregelen is Stadsschouwburg Utrecht tot 11 november gesloten. Heb je vragen? Bekijk de pagina veelgestelde vragen of bel 030 2324125 (ma t/m vr 10-17 uur). We hopen je snel weer te zien! 

All performances are cancelled until November 11th: read more


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